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How to join
  1. Go to Google form.
  2. Follow Twitter account. (+30 SRPA, Mandatory)
  3. Retweet pinned tweet and tag 5 friends. (+70 SRPA, Mandatory)
  4. Join official telegram channel. (+50 SRPA, Mandatory)
  5. If you want to earn more token, do activities blow.
  6. Follow our Facebook fanpage. (+20 SRPA, Optional)
  7. Like and share pinned post on Facebook. (+30 SRPA, Optional)
  8. Answer on Bitcointalk airdrop round 1 thread. (+50 SRPA, Optional)

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More about x Spiral A

Spiral A token is a beginning of something bigger and is a part of that. Follow our social media channels to be up to date with our services.

Share this airdrop on social media: