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How to join
  1. Visit the PowerJ website.
  2. Signup with with your details and verify your mail.
  3. Login and get 1,500 PJB Tokens free ($15) into account.
  4. Click on ‘Exchange Tokens PJB For Dollars’ to exchange 1,500 PJB Tokens into USD
  5. Select ‘Investing In Trade’ at left side then click on ‘Investing’ to invest $15 and make daily profits.
  6. Also, earn 20 PJB tokens for every referral.
NOTE: Min withdrawal is $2.

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More about PowerJ

PowerJ are mainly engaged in cryptocurrency trading. Their team has acquired unique trading skills on more than 5 of the largest trading platforms in the world. PowerJ has More than 3 years of successful stock trading Experience. Adaptation to the market- they adapt to changing the market and derive benefit from it. They study all the latest global economic news and analyze them for successful transactions. In the future, PowerJ will offer world-class training for newbies and developing traders in all areas.

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